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Faith Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

In a world shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, Claudette E. Miller's insightful book, "Faith Amid the COVID-19 Crisis," is one of the finest books about pandemics non-fiction which shines a light on the profound impact of pandemics on the Church and Christian faith.




Claudette E. Miller is a doctoral student at Canada Christian College & School of Graduate Theological Studies, located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. On June 4, 2022, she graduated from this institution with a Master of Divinity and was Valedictorian of the graduating class. Following a successful career in public sector management, Claudette is transitioning from corporate life to Christian ministry to fulfill the call of God in her life to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While pursuing studies at Canada Christian College & School of Graduate Theological Studies, Claudette, an ordained minister, has preached on various occasions, which afforded her the opportunity to demonstrate the call to ministry. One of her favourite Bible characters is Apostle Paul, who was given the formidable task of preaching the "Message of Grace’’ far and wide. It is only fitting that one of her first messages was "God’s Amazing Grace." She loves to tell of God’s abundant grace through her own experience and that of others in the Bible. Her greatest desire now is to help others embrace destiny, be resilient, and put faith in action when hope seems elusive.


DR. ANDREW JAMES, Professor/Pastor

“Infused with illuminating ideas and gripping historical insight, Claudette Miller captures the reader’s attention. In a post-pandemic world, we are challenged and left with the words of the master, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


“As faith leaders have adapted and prayerfully sought to flourish in the aftermath of Covid, Claudette has courageously and boldly asked the “how” and “why” questions in order to provide clarity on the effects of the pandemic on the Church and Christian Faith. Claudette has in effect helped articulate an understanding and created a collaborative picture for church leaders who are looking for answers and solutions to their next steps. A must-read for all clergy and spiritual leaders!”


“This book is an interesting, insightful, and instructive read– Given the plethora of books on pandemics, this one challenges the reader to self-assessment with respect to the impact COVID-19 has had on the Christian faith/church. Claudette Miller seeks to reinforce the foundation on which followers of Christ must stand while keeping the return of Jesus top of mind.

Faith Amid the COVID-19 Crisis


There are many Nonfiction books about pandemics you can find online, but none are like this one. "Faith Amid the COVID-19 Crisis" delves into the evolving landscape of Christianity in the twenty-first century. While the Church has diverse theologies, practices, and denominational orientations, the digital world has become an integral part of its fabric. Claudette boldly argues that the pandemic did not create this shift to virtual gatherings; rather, it accelerated an existing trend. However, she also acknowledges the controversial nature of this statement, as some church leaders claim that the gospel can be proclaimed just as effectively through digital means.

Faith Amid the COVID-19 Crisis


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